Calamay : Sweet Bohol


Love can be as sweet as chocolate, ice creams and cake, thinking  if you can add more sweet gift to your honey, babe, princess or sweetheart aside from the traditional chocolate you can try this sweet products of bohol called calamay this calamay is a sticky sweet delicacy in the province of bohol calamay can be eaten alone but they can also be flavored with vanilla, margarine and peanut butter, you can also bake cakes, and cookies  with calamay as main ingredient this idea  will be a new twist in giving your sweetheart a sweet gift for the valentines day or your anniversary.



Chings calamay is one of the best calamay store in bohol located in Jagna Bohol, a lot of positive reviews to these store so this is the one i will recommend in buying a calamay for your princess.


Calamay sometimes called “kalamay”  is made from well-milled glutinous rice mixed with coconut milk and sugar. Great as bread spread, calamay is also perfect scooped from the shell into your mouth. From locally harvested glutinous rice, pounded and ground in stone mills before cooking in the freshest coconut milk, over low fire, calamay tells the travails of sacrifice. It could be the constant stirring, or the cooks’ tireless dedication which rewards it with its sticky consistency and sweetness Calamay is not only about the land’s bounty; but it also encapsulates in a shell: industry and dedication that has cemented the Boholano. Surviving through heat and sweat, cooks still stick a smile when pouring the thick paste into the coconut shells. Rev. Fr. Mariano Gutierrez, OAR incidentally taught the art of making calamay to the people of Jagna. while he was still parish priest of Jagna from 1825 until his death in 1855.